Diagnosis and Treatment of OSA

Diagnosis and Treatment of OSA

We recommend sleep labs or home sleep study. We use MediByte by BRAEBON and you go to sleep in your own bed at your own home for one night and in combination with the sleep lab report and consulting with your pulmonologist we can provide you with an appliance that will help you get to sleep without the inconvenience of the CPAP (constant positive air pressure) instrument . This can be provided if the patient has mild or moderate sleep apnea and not a severe one. In many cases, using the oral appliance can help reduce the pressure of the CPAP machine to get the patient the comfort required for better sleep.

We advocate changing your lifestyle to help you with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or work towards eliminating it. Exercising and losing weight can improve your OSA from severe to moderate or mild and in some cases eliminate it.

Considering what is at risk, we recommend after consulting with your physician, making an appointment with a sleep specialist. Getting to the source of the problem is the highest priority for your health.

Whenever it is possible to improve or correct the OSA to prevent the patient’s air way from collapsing and becoming detrimental to their health, we provide (and prefer) non-invasive, customized oral appliances. These are affordable and easy to get used to wearing.

Dr. Mavandadi was privileged to study under the mentorship of the renowned Dr. Steven Olmos from La Mesa California. We use a series of specialized orthotics designed by Dr. Olmos in our practice.